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Kerri is amazing!

We moved to Denver from Chicago without knowing much about Denver or where we wanted to live. Kerri has a wealth of local knowledge and was able to answer all our questions/concerns. She walked us through each step of the process patiently and professionally, all the while being an absolute pleasure to work with! She is quick to respond to any question, help with any situation, give advice or refer a vendor, but more than anything else she cares about her clients. We cannot say enough about how much of a pleasure it was to work with Kerri. Moving halfway across the country and buying a house in a new city is a lot to handle, but having Kerri there to help made all the difference. We've recommended her to a number of friends already.

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Kerri is absolutely the best to work with!

Intimate knowledge of the Denver market, different types of homes (old, new, new builds, etc), a great advisor and negotiator. We've used Kerri to purchase 2 houses and sell 1, and can't say enough positive about working with her!


This was my 3rd transaction with Kerri and she is absolutely amazing.

She was always there to answer every question I had and calm my nerves. She walked me through the entire process each time and gave honest feedback and guidance. She sold my first home in a tough market and never let me give up hope and sold my second home in just one weekend. Kerri was very patient with us and always seems to find a home that goes above and beyond our "must have" list. Kerri has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.


Since many reviews on Zillow are of the "_____ was the BEST EVAR!

" variety, and weren't very helpful when we were searching for a Buyer's Agent, I'll do my best to "pay it forward" and help others like us save a bunch of time and just give Kerri a call from the get go. First, a bit about ourselves: We're DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids), young(ish) (early 30s), first time homebuyers, and were looking for a brand new house either built from the ground up or a "spec" house (already constructed to someone else's specs, but still brand new). In other words, we were total "noobs" to the homebuying process and not only had to find someone with a wealth of knowledge about exactly what we were looking for, but, as inexperienced as we were, we needed someone we could trust. Thus, our Buyer's Agent had to be someone with similar tastes as ours, specialized in new construction, and ideally had to have contacts with sales people in all sorts of new developments throughout the Denver metro area. On top of all of that, we needed someone we felt would give us the time and attention we needed. Kerri had all these traits and more in spades. While Kerri is admittedly young, she has over 10 years of experience "working for the enemy" as a sales consultant for a major well-known home builder. As a result, she is the perfect Buyer's Agent for people who've never purchased a house before looking to buy a shiny new home. She knows the sales people. She knows the floorplans. She knows the design choices. She knows the neighborhoods. She knows the market. She knows it all. Now, all this knowledge would be for naught if Kerri was aloof, flakey and unprofessional. Thankfully, she is the opposite of those odious (but typical Realtor traits). In fact, despite her bubbly, friendly demeanor, she's SALTY. Case in point: in the month that Kerri helped us find our first home, she weathered not only a nasty toe injury (seriously, you shouldn't seen her toe - it was gross. I mean, it looked like bratwurst after being microwaved too long.), but also a ruptured disk in her back. Now, lesser Buyer's Agents would've simply thrown in the towel after falling victim to having a toe turn into an over-ripe, lumpy red potato - but not Kerri. Gross toe and shuffling-gait-of-the-Elephant-Man be damned, Kerri was always there for us. She was always on time, replied to our texts and emails promptly, and was patient with our dumb questions. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that I'm pretty sure that Kerri Dowling is Batman. Obviously, she fights crime by night and sells houses by day. I can't prove it, but only Batman would have the knowledge, elite skills, and physical durability that Kerri has. So, long story short, if you're looking for a superhero to help you with your new home purchase, Kerri is the only one that can help you.


This is the third time Kerri has represented us with both buying and selling homes in the past few years.

Kerri has been nothing but outstanding to work with. She is a go getter and works extremely hard to get your property sold and/or you new property purchased. Kerri is prompt, kind, knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Thank you again Kerri for always coming through for us! We will always recommend Kerri if asked for a recommendation for a real estate agent.


My wife and I cannot express how fortunate we were to work with Kerri Dowling in our home buying experience.

The first time we met Kerri, we did not have an agent but she was showing us a house in behalf of the seller, but was still more than willing to inform us of some of the processes and trends in the market. She was very upfront and is very knowledgeable! My wife and I then decided to use Kerri as an agent and WOW! She went above and beyond in every aspect of the home buying process and helped ensure we enjoyed and understood all of the ins and outs and was always available for questions or concerns! We had people tell us from day one, what a dreadful process buying a home is, unfortunately for them, they didn’t have Kerri! From the first hello to playing with our baby during closing so we could actually finish the paper work, Kerri is a great agent and a genuine good person and there’s nothing more we could have hoped for!


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